Availability Check

Your rental housing offer is always under control

We want to help you as best as possible in your search for a home. To ensure that all private rental properties and holiday homes are actually available, we carry out authenticity checks. 

Because the responsibility for keeping the housing stock up to date partly lies with owners, providers and brokers, we do not have full control over this. However, as the fastest rental housing platform in the Netherlands, we do everything we can to keep this offer up to date.

For what purpose do we do this?

Each provider ensures that the availability of the housing offer is up-to-date from their own database. We automatically check three times a day in our CMS system whether these homes are still for rent. And if there are any changes in price or date, we track rental properties and modified changes within 48 hours. This way we keep the app as up to date as possible.

Because the app is linked to the website and our CMS system, we carry out extra checks every week in collaboration with our network manager for homes that are still for rent or that are offered twice elsewhere with incomplete information. If this is the case, the property will be immediately removed from our platform.

If a house has nevertheless been rented out or offered between our checks, home seekers can report this to us. Through Center Support, all questions and reports are answered within 24 hours.

In principle this is not possible, because of our unique system, but a mistake is always human. Nevertheless, it is possible that the house is not rented out. If you encountered this, it is for one of the following reasons:

The real estate agent, owner or provider has not yet set the availability of the property to rented. If you indicate this, the broker will immediately receive a notification and the house will be brought online within 1 hour.

If some homes are still “offered”. Does this mean that several home seekers have responded and have saved the homes in their favorites list. But it can also mean that the landlord has not yet responded to this person for reasons that differ.
Flickmyhouse will never charge you double fees for properties that are already rented out. This will usually be a bug or again human error.

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